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watch enamore‘s a-behind-the-scenes-film

photography: carlo & fabiana nicora the round peg | behind-the-scenes film: richard wakefield fx media | model: jenna moss | make up / hair stylist: emma dallimore | music: ben rector, you & me

On a personal note, the entire team on the day was exceptional. As you may have read on our previous blog, the weather was, well, British, but the morale was globally high-spirited, with Mcfadden & Whithead playing true to the day.

Working with Richard was not only a great experience, but it was an honour. He has the ability to capture the hidden demeanor that encompassed the day.

Given the niche of enamore, and the novel / innovative concept, we wanted to tape our progress.

*watch this space* 😉 xx


enamore campaign – ‘S’ for Sustainable Sexiness…

Behind The Scenes of enamore‘s re-launch campaign

Opening Credits: I Can See Clearly Now – Jonny Nash

On Tuesday, 17th April, the year of the Olympics, with our re-launch in a month’s time, it was time to re-shoot our luxury basics range.

It was not our aim to get this wet, especially during a underwear photoshoot ;). Our main aim of the day was to show off the comfort, stylish, versatile, sexual and practical factors that our eco-friendly lingerie now has to offer.

Grey skies, and heavy clouds, along with a ridiculously early start, could never break the defensive line of our morale. With high spirits bouncing off the wall and ener…ok I lie, I needed coffee and lots of it. But once the caffeine kicked in I was ready to rock n roll…Unlike our photographers Carlo and Fabiana and Richard, who (damn it) are always in good mood without the caffeine! How do they do it??

Turns out, the enamore dream team (including our entire crew) aren’t the typical fashionistas – far from it. I think we spent more time laughing than shooting (jeez, I hope we get enough good photos in retrospect!)

Our strong minded bunch knew exactly how to represent enamore. With that in mind, each of them kicked ass in what they needed to achieve, without wrestling each other to the ground.

But, then again, when we have pragmatism as a pseudonym for Carlo and Faby and Richard, everything always falls into place (and, excuse the cheese), but they made the light shine throughout the day!

Despite getting told off, several times, for eating the props, (I couldn’t help it the XXL pizza was too tasty), I was still forgiven. Thanks (Mr Pizza delivery man!)  Looking holistically at the situation, we thought it’s best to order a further 3 pizzas…just in case some slices went missing. Our gorgeous model Jenna scoffed more slices than the rest of us, I would hate her for it if she wasn’t so lovely (so much for the 1-calorie-a-day-model…not in our company).

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that the bad weather couldn’t have been further from our minds, as we casually sipped on our glasses of rose wine. What better way to spend a rainy day?

So, did we achieve our aims? Looking through the preliminary imagery on the MAC, and talking to Richard (our videographer), it seems we did. Do I want to jinx anything by telling you any specifics? Absolutely not!

Before we knew it was hometime (well the pizza and wine was all gone). But in all seriousness, everyone did a brilliant job so a round of applause to our amazing model Jenna, our two talented photographers Carlo and Faby, their photography assistant Emmanuela, videographer, Richard the man with the sneaky camera, make up artist Emma and our fabulous designer-come-stylist – Rachel, for making the shoot such a success, and of course for the rest of the team for all of their hard work and efforts behind the scenes, and to a generally fun filled day.

All that’s left for us to do now, is to wait for our campaign to hit the media and we can’t wait to share it with you!

If you are interested in stocking enamore’s new and improved luxury basics range, please email Gauruv at info@enamore.co.uk / sales@enamore.co.uk or call him on + 44 (0) 7843 216 110.

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enamore underwear – The Next Episode

Dear enamore fans

We would like to start by offering our utmost apologies for being so quiet. It’s been an eventful past few months to say the least.

Here’s a recap on the story of Enamore Lingerie to enamore underwear:

Last year, Gauruv and Rachel met one of the most inspiring people in, not only the fashion world, but the eco-fashion / eco-underwear / eco-lingerie world. She went by the name of Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Ambrose. To cut a long story short, having been in the UK for 10 years, Jenny was missing Canada. You can follow her blog at Jenny’s Blog.

After Jenny left, Gauruv and Rachel had to think – how can we make Enamore even MORE awesome!?

For one thing, we dropped the capital ‘E’ and furthermore, every time the word ‘enamore’ is said, we try to high five and / or chest -bump each other.

We wanted to take a whole new approach to enamore and see if we could do something that no one else had done before.

We give you…enamore underwear

Without loosing any of the original values (being eco, ethical and sustainable), we realised that there’s so many lovely women missing out on some of the most amazing fabrics and designs the underwear world has come to see!

‘You don’t have to get intimate with trees to be eco!’  – Gauruv K Malhan / Benedict Hartley 2011

With this idea, we set out on a mission and thought of John Lennon along the way, and used our imagination. We, however, added an extra couple of lyrics to the song (that don’t necessarily rhyme).

Imagine this: a world, where people wear eco / ethical / sustainable underwear without giving it a second’s thought!

So, without compromising on:

  • comfort
  • style
  • sexiness
  • cost (significantly dropped the prices)
  • (and it’s sustainable underwear!)

we set out to create our sophisticated basics range.

We strongly believe that ‘eco’ clothing IS cool, IS trendy and CAN be integrated into the urban lifestyle!

We’re starting production in the next 2 weeks, at which time you can pre-order your garments, and soon it’ll be available to buy on our e-tail site and at our stockists!

Walk the Walk

enamore is VERY proud to say that enamore teamed up with Walk the Walk last Sunday, to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer (ps, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of those women (and men) that did the 5k, 10k or half a marathon – what an awesome day it was!). This was an amazing event.

We ran a competition with the most amazing photography duo, husband and wife team, London Boudoir Photography. They are by far the most talented photographers I have ever had the opportunity to work with – and bloody hell, what an opportunity it always is!

Feedback from Walk the Walk!

The feedback on the new range was better than we anticipated – we hope you feel the same – especially when you feel just how silky soft the bamboo really is!

Included are sneak previews of our new range, from a few posters that we did for Walk the Walk.

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Give Good Green…

With a lot of the world going eco, it’s hard to pretend that at first I wasn’t entirely enthused. With celebrities and designers jumping on the bandwagon I’ll admit I just wanted to follow. But this is perhaps the one time the celeb obsessions may actually be an intelligent life choice. The maple syrup diet? No. Colonic irrigation? Defiantly no. Adopting twenty five African children? Whole heartedly unrealistic.
Regardless of the stupid celeb crazes people decide to follow, the eco trend is the pragmatic one you could actually choose.

I’m not saying start growing all your own food and refuse to visit a supermarket, or that you must only wear second hand clothes to live a greener life. But buy your jeans from Kuyichi; get involved with eco fashion week, and… maybe grow some of your own veggies.
Okay, so I don’t grow my own vegetables, but I’m into buying the organic stuff, if that counts? But what’s really interested me about the eco phenomenon is the amount of designers who are doing it. Last year I came across designs by Thakoon and Bora Aksu that were beautiful. Even more so because there ecochic. I originally thought that the design and quality would be compromised but no – apparently it wasn’t just hippie hemp.
For Thakoon, a designer that’s dressed the American First Lady, and appreciates what organic cotton, bamboo, soya, hemp and natural silk materials are worth, we’d be stupid not follow him.

It’s almost as if fashions growing a conscience – if that could ever be possible. You could still have the pouting models, one step away from starvation, the obsessive media, the lights, music and everything else that makes fashion fun. But with a little more thought.

With the world seeming hell bent on destroying itself, it’s refreshing to see Enamore and other designers caring about their fabrics and the luxurious quality they can give. But at the end of it all, asides from just fashion it’s an intelligent choice; respecting what you put in and on your body and adding a certain value to who and what made those things. It’s quite logical really, just give good green.

Boutique of the Week – Saumarez

Vicky from Saumarez

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special lady. Please meet Victoria Groulef. Mixing her experience in International Development with a lifelong passion for lingerie, Vicky launched Saumarez as an online luxury boutique. Vicky has wonderful demeanor and a very sophisticated sense of humour, which goes a long way in my eyes! I had the opportunity to get to the scoop on how the first few months have been running her own business.

J – Why did you decide to launch Saumarez?
V – After having my children I wanted a fresh new challenge.  I’ve always been crazy about lingerie and I’ve always said I’d like to run a lingerie boutique.  My husband said ’ why not give it a go’ and 12 months on, here I am running Saumarez.  Before having children I worked in International Development and this experience coupled with a love of vintage fashion led me to look at ethical lingerie, knickers that make a difference!

J – What is your favourite part of running your own business so far?
V – I like the freedom to be able to mold the business and do things my way.  This has enabled me to incorporate a bit of personality into the site such as using comments about each item from Mia Culpa a lingerie mad burlesque starlet!  I also love working with the designers.  Ethical designers aren’t at all precious, they freely share business advice and ideas and it’s a great field to work in.

J – What is the strangest thing that has happened to you since you started?
V – I had a great conversation with our postman about bamboo knickers…. well he did ask what ethical fabrics were.  I also had a very surreal conversation with my grandmother about nipple tassels, seemingly she knew all about them and their burlesque history leaving me very red-faced!
J- I can relate to this, although mine was the washing machine repair man!

J – Who is your inspiration?
V – My children.  I can’t think of a better reason to develop an ethical business than to make a better world for them to live in.

J – Any upcoming events where people can come see you in person?
V – At 8pm on Tuesday 14th December we are holding a Christmas Shopping evening at The Sanctum On the Green boutique hotel in Cookham Dean, Berkshire.  To make the event extra special we’ve arranged performances from some of London’s best new burlesque talents.  It’s a perfect excuse to enjoy a drink, buy a special gift and sit back and be entertained.  All items ordered can be gift packed and ready to place under the tree for Christmas. It’s a perfect excuse to enjoy a drink, buy a special gift and sit back and be entertained.  It starts at 8pm and if you’d like more details email Vicky at info@saumarez.co.uk or you can also follow the Saumarez Blog.

Thanks for talking to us Vicky, can’t wait to see you in December!

Who says being good can’t be fun!

Until next time…


Boutique of the Week – Le Rouge

Le Rouge

I am very fortunate to get to meet so many lovely people through my work. I would like to introduce you to the lovely Victoria Blanco and her boutique Le Rouge situated in Bowness on Windermere the beautiful Lake District. Vicky originally comes from Argentina but has been in the UK for the last ten years. She launched Le Rouge in 2009. I love this little boutique it is just beautiful with pearl hangers, oak floor and more lingerie than your heart could desire. Le Rouge is well known for always having something different and from what we’ve heard some of the favourites include our bras, knickers and camisole sets.

We also love the other glamorous goodies available to finish off that bedroom look, the shop is  filled to the brim with a range of quirky shoes, jewellery and gifts.

Inside Le Rouge

Vicky’s style of service is very personal and she tells me she’s not keen on the “hard sell” approach. Le Rouge evokes a feminine “boudoir” atmosphere, so if you live nearby or on holiday in The Lakes make sure you stop and take a look.

Le Rouge, Lake Road, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3AE

015394 42222,  facebook:lerouge10@yahoo.co.uk

Until next time…


We’ve Been Published!

'Eco Fashion' by Sass Brown

We have recently been featured in two fabulous new books! ‘Eco Fashion’ by Sass Brown and ‘The Natural Wedding Book’ by local Bath author Louise Moon. Eco Fashion focuses on sustainable and ethical products from all over the globe and tells the story behind them, in addition it shows how and where they are making an actual difference in our world. The Natural Wedding Book as the title suggests, is a packed out guide to planning and having the ultimate Eco friendly wedding including best Eco venues, suppliers, flowers, food, the dress and of course what goes underneath the dress! Grab yourself copies from the following links; ‘Eco Fashion’ and The Natural Wedding Book.